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Roy Andri
Hello, I'm Roy Andri, Based in Indonesia

Hi, I'm Roy Andri, a passionate self taught programmer from Indonesia. Most of my time is not spent on writing code, but to find the best way how to write the code better. I'm a Full-Stack developer that usually work with JavaScript / Typescript (React, Vue, Node, GQL) Golang and Laravel.

  • Name : Roy Andri
  • Date of birth : 14-09-1997
  • Nationality : Indonesian
  • Work Status : Software Engineer
  • Phone : +62 817-531-562
  • Email : royandri.dev@gmail.com
  • Address : Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Freelancer : Available

129 Projects Complete

1000 Cup of coffee

400 Satisfied Clients

5 Years job experience

+2 achievments reached

50k lines of code

My Experience
Senior Frontend Developer - Worlder TEAM Pte. Ltd.
Dec 2022 - Present

Lead team for achieve common goal.

Assistant Engineering Manager - SIRCLO
Feb 2022 - Nov 2022

Shows leadership qualities in leading the direct reports to achieve common goals, align with other teams/managers, ensure clear and effective communication, mediate disputes, and improve the process, in order for the direct reports to do their functions well to give the maximum impact.

Perform, facilitate, and improve daily managerial tasks, such as, but not limited to, one-on-ones, agile ceremonials, meetings, and communications as per required or seen fit.

Provide mentorship to direct-reports with regard to their personal technical competencies, career growth and interpersonal skill development.

Help improve Software Development Experience by making Code Convention documents, translate PRD(Product Requirements Document) from Product Manager into Technical Documents and breakdown the task for Engineers.

Software Engineer - SIRCLO
May 2020 - Feb 2022

Lead team for achieve common goal.

Developing SIRCLO Store to manage sales efficiently in one platform with marketplace integration (Omni Channel) e.g., Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, and Lazada.,

Fulstack Web Developer - GMF AeroAsia
Nov 2019 - Dec 2020

Developing project management system to monitor all process of projects, update, inform, report and check periodically, also connected with existing systems and databases.

Frontend Engineer - Gama Informatika
Apr 2019- Jan 2020

Developing front end application using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Create interactive websites and website features using Javascript and jQuery. Used AJAX and JSON for client-side scripting to interact with API.

Student Ambassador - CICIL.CO.ID
Apr 2018 - Nov 2019

Assist the process of applying for installment facilities and increase CICIL brand awareness on the campus environment.

Assistant Lecturer - University of Technology Yogyakarta
Sep 2018 - Jun 2019

Responsible for teaching students in several subjects including Object Oriented Programming, Database System, and Information Technology Application.

My Education
Bachelor Degree - University of Technology Yogyakarta
2015 - 2019

Computer Science (Intelligent System)

Senior High School - SMK Negeri 1 Parittiga
2012 - 2015

Computer and Network Engineering

Junior High School - SMP Negeri 2 Parittiga
2019 - 2012
Elementary School - SD Negeri 13 Parittiga
2004 - 2009